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External Fed Rotary Drum Fine Screen Filter

The External Fed Rotary Drum Fine Screen Filter is also called a drum filter, which is designed for small and medium sized cities or industrial sewage treatment plants. It is a device that can continuously and effectively sieve solid suspension in water, which is mainly used in pre-processing or industrial sieve process for sewage. In certain sewage treatment, the sieved sewage can be removed by 30% to 60% of organic or inorganic suspended solids, and the processing load of the rear processes is greatly reduced to remove small particles impurities in environmentally friendly sewage treatment.

It can directly remove fine particles impurities with a diameter of 0.25mm or more in the water, which is suitable for papermaking, leather, slaughtering, brewing, food, and fiber textile industries.

Working principle

The AC motor drives the drum screen body by the reducer, sewage rises through the water inlet valve to the water tank and through the buffer distribution cabinet clapboard, the water raised to the filtering level line. Clean water enters the storage tank through the gap of the drum screen, and is discharged outward at the bottom. At the same time, the drum screen is cleaned. The impurity and fiber organic matter greater than the screen gap will be interrupted on the screen.


  • The inside drum screen has an inverted trapezoidal section, and the filter screen will not be blocked by the filter residue, effectively preventing clogging.
  • There is a backwash system inside which will clean the solids on the drum screen and improve the filtration efficiency.
  • High strength stainless steel made the filter, took small space and easy to install.
  • Equipped with speed control motor which maintain normal working conditions according to the water flow.

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