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Rotary Drum Filter for Fish Farm

The Rotary Drum Filter for Fish Farm uses a rotating drum to filter. There is a dense SS316L stainless steel screen on the outside of the drum. The drum can be driven by a motor via gears. On the outside of the rotary drum filter body, there is a suction pump. The clean water filtered by the stainless steel screen is pumped away by the water pump, and the water level in the rotary drum filter cabinet is getting lower and lower due to the blockage of the dirt on the screen.

When the water level is low to a certain level, the water level controller senses and starts the high-pressure cleaning water pump and motor. The drum rotates under the action of the motor, and at the same time, a row of nozzles located above the drum rushes the high-pressure water mist to the screen. The dirt attached to the inside of the screen is flushed into a sewage collection tank inside the drum, and then flows out through the sewage pipe. So as to achieve the purpose of separating solid particles in the water body.

The operation of the whole machine is fully automatic, but there are certain requirements for the placement of the Rotary Drum Filter for Fish Farm. That is, the maximum water level of the filter should be higher than the maximum water level of the fish pond.

Two types of Rotary Drum Filter for Fish Farm

  • PP Material
  • SS316L Material with larger treatment capacity


  • Automatic operation with backwash function.
  • Covers an area of small, simple and reasonable structure.
  • Over 15 years service life and no need to change the screen.
  • Large treatment capacity with high filter precision.
  • High standard anti-corrosive material. ( SS316l, PP, Duplex are available)
  • The organic matters and our impurities removal rate higher than 80%.

Other Auxiliary Equipment

For the RAS project, JX Filtration could also supply the Ozone disinfection system, protein skimmer, heat pump, water pump, sand filter, UV sterilizer, fish tank, Bio filter, water monitoring system, Oxygen cone, Oxygen generator, air blower etc.

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