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Channel Drum Screens

Rotary Drum ScreenRotary Drum Fines ScreenRotary Drum Screen For Wastewater.

  • Free CAD or 3D drawing available.
  • Siemens or SEW motors to ensure the operation stability.
  • Schneider or Siemens control system with multi-language display.
  • Perfect after-sales service with maximum 5 year quality guarantee.
  • Can be customize according to filter media, filter precision and customer’s request.
  • Rich experience in all kind of applications to ensure every equipment can be fully used.
  • Independent research and Autonomous production of key component to ensure equipment quality.

Channel Drum Screens are widely used in wastewater treatment of municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater, food processing industry, paper making industry, etc. This equipment can remove the scum, short fiber and suspended solids from the water intake and then discharge them after pressing.

channel drum screens

Channel Drum Screens are integrated machines consisting of a drum screen, screw conveyor and compactor. Effluent enters the screen drum and solids are captured. When the drum rotates the solids fall into the spiral conveyor. The spiral feeds the screenings into a compactor where they are compressed and disposed. Screen water continues downstream. The rotating screen drum ensures screen does not blind. Filtration rates of between 1-7 mm are available, alongside flow rates of up to 7600 m3/h.

channel drum screens

Housing constructed out of high quality 304 stainless steel to ensure years of trouble free operation. Spiral manufactured out of carbon steel with optional 304 stainless steel construction. Nylon cleaning brushes bolted to spiral. Spiral Rotary Drum Screens can be supplied for direct installation into a channel or as a complete package inside a stainless steel tank with or without the option of a bypass rake screen. Continuous bagging systems are available to receive screenings and abate odour, the screenings can then be sealed without any personal contact. Options for 316 Stainless steel area available.

channel drum screens

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