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Externally Fed Rotary Drum Screen

An Externally Fed Rotary Drum Screen is a type of mechanical filtration equipment used primarily in wastewater treatment plants and industrial processes. This device separates solids from liquids, ensuring cleaner water output and preventing clogging in downstream systems. 

  • Design: The screen consists of a rotating drum, typically made of stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials. The drum has a mesh or perforated surface that allows water to pass through while capturing solid particles on the external surface.
  • Feed: Wastewater or process water is fed into the drum from an external source. The water flows over the external surface of the drum, where the solids are captured.
  • Rotation: The drum rotates slowly, driven by an electric motor. As it turns, the solids trapped on the surface are carried upward and eventually fall off into a collection trough or conveyor system due to gravity and/or a spray cleaning system.
  • Filtration: The filtered water passes through the drum and exits the system, free from the captured solids.

In a municipal wastewater treatment plant, an Externally Fed Rotary Drum Screen is installed at the headworks to remove debris and large particles from incoming sewage. This pre-treatment step prevents damage and clogging in subsequent treatment stages, such as biological reactors and clarifiers. The clean water continues through the treatment process, while the captured solids are disposed of or further processed.

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