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Sugar Industry Filter

JX Filtration filter could help refine the sugar products and recycle the process water continuously, saving the maintenance cost and human resource. This filter could also retain as much of the original material ( sugar products) as possible without any blockage during the filtration.

The sugar industry filter has a higher requirement of slot size and filter mesh material. JX Filtration sugar industry filter optimized filtration mesh for coarse and fine filtration and stainless steel for contact with materials to meet different customers' needs. The filter mesh has excellent robustness and durability to adapt to a diverse working condition, even low-degree Brix, or high temperature.

Sugar mills require highly efficient systems to recycle sugar product and process water. Water used to wash sugar cane can be filtered and recycled using JX Filtration Rotary Drum Filter, valuable resources, saving time and money. Industrial filters can even be used to process sugar-water solutions of low Degrees Brix, or high temperature.

The Rotary drum filter has large treatment capacity up to 6000 m3/h with highest precision 10 microns. JX Filtration has wedge wire screen, perforated mesh, woven mesh for options.

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