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Folding Belt Vacuum Drum Filter

Folding Belt Vacuum Drum Filter

The advantages of the folding belt vacuum drum filter are continuous active operation, less filter cloth consumption, low labor intensity, good working conditions and large production capacity. It is especially suitable for large-scale treatment of suspensions with a high solids content. In the food industry, it is often used for the dehydration of beet sugar, starch, etc., and the filtration of protein liquid.

Folding belt vacuum filter is suitable for dehydration of fine and viscous materials, and is widely used to filter non-ferrous metal concentrates and coal floating washing products after floating washing and sewage treatment plants.

Main components: drum, distribution head, slurry tank, agitator, vacuum pump, filtrate pump, belt filter cloth, etc.


  • Very thin filter cakes can also be removed;
  • The moisture content of the cake is low;
  • Both sides of the filter cloth are fully washed, and the process is carried out continuously.

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