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rotary drum filter

Rotary Drum Filter in Aquaculture Industry

Factory farming is a new farming method produced during the large-scale, modern and enterprise development of aquaculture. By making full use of modern advanced technologies and means, the living environment of marine organisms such as fish, shrimp and shells can be artificially controlled, so that the farming process can be improved. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly green farming model to get rid of the limitation of natural environment conditions, so as to achieve high-density, high-yield and high-efficiency fishery production. Compared with the open system of the natural environment, the factory aquaculture system is a relatively closed system, so it is necessary to purify and recycle the aquaculture water in the system through water treatment equipment. The circulating water filtration unit is the core of the factory farming system.

The rotary drum filter is a solid-liquid separation equipment in industrial recirculating aquaculture. It is a particle separation equipment in water suitable for industrial recirculating aquaculture. It is the key equipment of the circulating water filtration system. Its filtration efficiency and effect will greatly affect the subsequent water treatment process.

rotary drum filter

The working principle of rotary drum filter:

The breeding water in the breeding pond enters the filter screen, the residual feed and feces are intercepted by the filter screen, and the filtered clean water flows out from the water outlet. When the dirt on the filter screen accumulates to a certain amount, it will cause the water permeability of the filter screen to decrease, causing the water level to rise. When the water level rises to the set high water level, the liquid level automatic control system senses, and the backwashing pump and the motor are turned on at the same time for automatic backwashing. At this time, the high-pressure water of the back-cleaning pump is subjected to high-pressure cleaning of the transmission filter screen through the back-cleaning system of the rotary drum filter, and the suspended solids blocked on the filter screen are washed by the high-pressure water and flow into the sewage collection tank and then discharged through the sewage pipe. After cleaning the filter, the water permeability of the filter screen rises and the water level drops. When the water level drops to the set low water level, the liquid level automatic control system senses again, and the backwashing pump and motor stop working.

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