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Pre-coated Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter

Pre-coated Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter

The working principle of the pre-coated rotary drum vacuum filter is basically the same as that of the general one. The main difference is the pre-coating of filter aids (such as diatomaceous earth, perlite) before filtration. When filtering, the filter aid in the tank forms a pre-coating with a required thickness on the outer surface of the converted strand under the action of vacuum suction, and then injects the slurry to be filtered. Under the action of vacuum suction, the separated filtrate Through the pre-coating and filter cloth, it is discharged through the suction pipe, liquid collection pipe, and gas-liquid separator, while the solids in the slurry are retained by the pre-coating, and are continuously scraped off by the automatic feeding scraper and the surface of the filter aid , when the residual thickness of the pre-coating is about 10mm, it is necessary to re-pre-coat and carry out the next working cycle.


The pre-coating rotary drum vacuum filter is mainly used when filtrate is needed and filter residue is not needed.

  1. Filtration and deslagging of various sugar industries (glucose, maltose, dextrin, fruit essence, sucrose, etc.);
  2. Filtration and deslagging of fermented liquids such as telomycin and spectinomycin in the pharmaceutical industry;
  3. Filtration and deslagging of fermentation broth such as amino acids and enzyme preparations;
  4. Filtration and deslagging of wine sludge and rice wine sludge;
  5. Filtration and deslagging in the food and beverage industry;
  6. Filtration and deslagging of wastewater in the chemical industry;
  7. Pretreatment before filtration of membrane equipment;
  8. Filtration of food additives such as carrageenan.


  • Customized design;
  • Pre-coating design, high filtrate clarity;
  • Automatic scraper unloading, high filtration efficiency;
  • The drum surface can be designed to spray, and the material washing effect is good;
  • Serialized process equipment, easy to install and use;
  • Reasonable structure, easy to operate.

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