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Rotary Drum Filter Koi Pond
Rotary Drum Filter Koi Pond

Rotary Drum Filter Koi Pond

Rotary Drum Filter Koi Pond is a mechanical filtration equipment which can maximize the separation of suspended solid particles larger than 30μm in water (mainly biological excrement, food residues and organic debris, etc.). This product can purify the water and achieve the purpose of recycling by separating the solid waste in the aquaculture water.

Rotary Drum Filter Koi Pond

Working principle is that the filtrate passes through the screen, and the filter residue is trapped in the net. Through the timed backflush device, the filter residue is flushed out from the screen, thus ensuring the normal and continuous efficient operation of the microfilter.


  • The body material is made of high quality PP plate or stainless steel, and the filter screen is made of 304 stainless steel (freshwater) and 316 stainless steel (seawater) screen.
  • he use of high-quality unique technology woven sieve mesh has the characteristics of small, thin, low resistance.
  • 100% removal rate of solid particles suspended above 30μm.
  • With backflush function to ensure stable treatment capacity.
  • Can be continuously filtered, low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance.


Applicable to aquaculture farm circulating water filtration, industrial water and sewage treatment.
In the field of aquaculture, the Rotary Drum Filter Koi Pond is more often used in the first stage of filtration of raw water to filter out large particles of sediment, suspended algae, particles, etc. in the water. Or used in the first stage of coarse filtration link of closed-cycle purification

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