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Rotary Drum Filter

Rotary Drum Filter is an internally fed screening device with the flow being fed and distributed inside a screening cylinder. It is widely used for separation of settleable solids from liquid in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plant.
Rotary Drum Filter can be designed to open type or fully covered type according to the onsite working condition.

rotary drum filter rotary drum filter

rotary drum filter rotary drum filter

Two types of screens
Perforated screens--provide a high capture rate of materials bigger than the perforation size.
Wedge wire screens--minimize risk of clogging and maximizes permeability ratio with the V-shaped profile.

rotary drum screen
Perforated Screens
 internally fed rotary drum screen
Wedge Wire Screens

Water treatment plants and municipal wastewater treatment plants
Industrial waste water treatment plants: sugar industry, paper mills, food industry, beer industry, leather industry, textile industry, plastic recycling industry, etc.

internally fed rotary drum screen
  • Free CAD or 3D drawing available.
  • Siemens or SEW motors to ensure the operation stability.
  • Schneider or Siemens control system with multi-language display.
  • Perfect after-sales service with maximum 5 year quality guarantee.
  • Can be customize according to filter media, filter precision and customer’s request.
  • Rich experience in all kind of applications to ensure every equipment can be fully used.
  • Independent research and Autonomous production of key component to ensure equipment quality.

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