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What is Pre-coating Vacuum Drum Filter

A pre-coating vacuum drum filter is a type of filtration system used for separating solids from liquids. This filtration system typically consists of a rotating drum covered with a filter cloth. The drum is partially submerged in the slurry (the mixture of liquid and solids) that needs to be filtered.

 In the context of a pre-coating vacuum drum filter, "pre-coating" refers to a step where a layer of filter aid material is applied to the filter cloth before the filtration process begins. This pre-coating layer helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the filtration.

Common filter aid materials used for pre-coating include diatomaceous earth, perlite, cellulose, or other similar substances. These materials create a porous layer on the filter cloth, which assists in capturing fine particles during filtration.

In summary, a pre-coating vacuum drum filter utilizes a pre-applied layer of filter aid material on the filter cloth to optimize the filtration of solids from liquids. This method enhances filtration efficiency and ensures effective separation of the desired components.

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