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Rotary Drum Filter

Advantages of Rotary Drum Filter

The rotary drum filter is divided into internally fed rotary drum filter, externally fed rotary drum filter and channel rotary drum filter.

Internally Fed Rotary Drum Filter:

  • Well-distributed water increase capacity;
  • Simple structure, stable running, easy maintenance;
  • Chain transmission ensures efficiency;
  • Back-flushing prevents filter clogging;
  • Spill-proof plates on sides avoid splashing water.

Externally Fed Rotary Drum Filter:

  • Material: stainless steel, corrosion resistance, compact structure and easy installation;
  • With the inverted trapezoidal section, the grid makes the slag not easy to jams mesh filters;
  • Adopted control motor, the externally fed rotary drum filter can maintain the best working condition according to the water flow;
  • Special flusher device can brush away a small amount of impurity on the surface of the grid mesh;
  • Compact structure, the smallest amount of space when the same amount of processing;
  • The drum surface is made of a molded grid and has excellent hydraulic characteristics.

Channel Rotary Drum Filter:

  • High quality and reliability at low cost;
  • Reduced disposal costs because of the screenings press;
  • High solids capture;
  • Easily installed onto an existing or new treatment works;
  • Non-clogging even with fibrous materials;
  • Protection of downstream plant and drains;
  • Improved Health & Safety with optional continuous bagging;
  • Enclosed drum screen to prevent wastewater splash.

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