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Rotary Drum Filter

Do you really know about the rotary drum filter?

The rotary drum filter is a purification device used to remove fine suspended matter such as feces and residual bait of aquaculture organisms in aquaculture sewage, reduce the content of solid impurities in water, and realize solid-liquid separation.

The rotary drum filter first appeared in the environmental protection industry. In the 1970s, Denmark, Germany, the United States and other countries applied the rotary drum filters to factory farming. In the early 1980s, with the rise of factory farming, the rotary drum filters were introduced into China. Subsequently, the rotary drum filter was continuously optimized, with three support points changed to two support points, and the support wheel structure changed to the middle support shaft structure, which not only reduced energy consumption, improved running stability, but also increased the service life and saved manufacturing costs.

The rotary drum filter is mainly composed of a drum covered by a fine mesh screen, a support shaft running through the drum, etc. The drum rotates around the support shaft, the water to be filtered enters from the open end of the drum, and is filtered through the screen, and the backwash nozzle sprays water to remove the filter residue.


  • High degree of automation;
  • high filtration accuracy;
  • Easy to replace the filter screen.

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