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Brief Introduction of Rotary Drum Filter

Rotary drum vacuum filter is a kind of continuous filter. The structure is similar to rotary drum vacuum filter and the operation principle is also the same. Negative pressure is used as the driving force for filtration, and the filtration surface is on the surface of the cylindrical drum of the continuous filter. This kind of filter is initially used in alkali production and mining industry, and later the application is extended to chemical industry, coal and sludge dewatering and other departments.

The movable disk of the distribution valve is fixed on the journal of the drum and rotates synchronously with the drum. The end face of the moving disk has a circle of holes. Each hole is connected to a corresponding filter chamber on the drum. The valve seat does not rotate, and there are several arc-shaped grooves on its inner end face, which are connected to the outer receiver respectively. Valve seat and moving disk affixed, each arc-shaped groove sequence with the holes in the moving disk, rotating filter chamber can be connected with a fixed vacuum or compressed air system sequence, so that the filtration operation cycle.

The use of belt-winding rotary drum vacuum filters allows the filter cloth to be adequately washed. If the particles in the suspension are heavy and the settling speed is very fast, it is suitable to adopt the structure of feeding the suspension above the drum or the inner filter surface rotary drum vacuum filter. If the solid particles in the suspension are very fine or form compressible slag, a layer of solid filter aids should be adsorbed on the drum filter surface in advance, or a certain amount of solid filter aids should be mixed in the suspension to make the slag more loose, which can improve the filtration speed.

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