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rotary drum filter

Rotary Drum Filter

The rotary drum filter is also called the automatic drum microfiltration machine. It is a rotary drum type filtration equipment, mainly used as the mechanical equipment in the early stage of sewage treatment system.
The drum is attached with a filter screen. When the drum is placed in water to work, 2/5 of the filter screen is immersed in the water. The treated wastewater enters the drum along the axial direction and flows out through the screen. The impurities in the water (fine suspended solids, fibers, paper pulp, etc.) is trapped on the inner surface of the filter screen on the drum. When the impurities trapped on the screen are brought to the upper part by the drum, the backwash water outside the screen will flush the impurities into the sewage tank and the impurities flows out, realizing the separation of solid and liquid. The backwash is controlled by a timer or a liquid level sensor. The filtered water is returned to the pool for recycling. The rotation of the rotary drum filter is driven by water, and it runs continuously and automatically.

The screen material of the equipment is nylon or 316L stainless steel screen, the mesh size is 80~300 mesh, the rotation speed of the rotary drum filter is 1-3r/min, the flow rate is 30-120m3/h, and the backwash water pressure is 0.2~0.3MPa , the amount of flushing water is 0.5-1.0% of the production water. The rotary drum filter is installed at the drain port of the breeding pond, which is lower than the ground level, and the water can flow in by itself, and the water head loss is about 0.5 meters.

rotary drum filter

Working Principles:

When the rotary drum filter enters the working state, when the water containing suspended solid particles enters the drum filter, the suspended solids will be retained by the stainless steel filter screen, and the filtered water without suspended solids will enter the reservoir. When the suspended matter in the drum accumulates to a certain amount, it will cause the water permeability of the filter screen to decrease, causing the water level in the drum to rise. When the water level rises to the set high water level, the automatic liquid level control system works. The backflushing water pump and the drum motor are automatically turned on at the same time, and the high pressure water of the backflushing water pump performs high pressure cleaning on the rotating drum filter screen by the backflushing system of the rotary drum filter. The suspended solids blacking on the rotary drum screen is flushed by the high pressure water, flows into the sewage collection tank and is discharged through the sewage pipe. When the filter screen is cleaned, the water permeability of the drum filter screen will increase, and the water level in the drum will drop. When the water level drops to the set low water level, the backflushing water pump and the drum motor will automatically stop working, and the rotary drum filter will start a new work recycling.


1. Durability: The filter screen adopts 316L stainless steel filter screen, which has strong anti-corrosion performance and long service life.
2. Good filtration performance: The stainless steel filter screen of the equipment has the characteristics of small pore size, low resistance, strong water passing ability, and high filtration ability for suspended solids.
3. High degree of automation: The equipment has automatic anti-cleaning function, which can ensure the normal operation of the equipment by itself.
4. Low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance.
5. The structure is exquisite and the floor area is small.


1. It is suitable for solid-liquid separation in the early stage of sewage treatment system.
2. It is suitable for solid-liquid separation treatment in the early stage of industrial circulating water treatment system.
3. It is suitable for wastewater treatment in industry and major breeding farms.
4. Widely used in various occasions where solid-liquid separation is required.
5. Special microfiltration equipment for factory farming.

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