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Working Principle of the Rotary Drum Filter

Rotary drum filter is a mechanical filtration device, with transmission device, overflow weir watercloth, flushing water device and other major components.The screen of Rotary drum filter is stainless steel wire mesh.

You may be curious about the working principle, let us explain...

Raw water to be treated is from the water pipe into the overflow weir watercloth, after a short period of steady flow, the water outlet evenly overflow, distributed in the opposite direction of the rotating filter cylinder screen, the water flow and the inner wall of the filter cylinder to produce relative shear movement, water efficiency, solids are intercepted and separated, along the cylinder spiral guiding plate guide tumbling, discharged from the other end of the filter cylinder.

The wastewater filtered out from the filter screen flows away from the water outlet tank right below the filter cylinder under the guiding effect of the guards on both sides of the filter cylinder. The machine is equipped with a flushing hose outside the cartridge, with pressure water (3 Kg/m²) in a fan-shaped or needle-shaped spray to rinse and dredge the screen (available after filtration of wastewater recycling rinsing), to ensure that the screen always maintains good filtration capacity!

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