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rotary drum filter

Rotary Drum Filter Details

Rotary drum filter is a kind of screen filter to hold small suspended matter, there is a metal frame like a drum, the drum rotates around the horizontal axis, with stainless steel wire (can also be copper wire or chemical fiber wire) woven into the support mesh. It can be used for raw water filtration and removal of algae, daphnia and other plankton, also can be used for industrial water filtration treatment, industrial waste water swimming material recycle and sewage terminal treatment.
The rotary drum filter is mainly composed of a sink, a drum and a motor drive device, etc. Auxiliary equipment includes: backwash pump, fluid heater, slide cover and support. Its function is to use 80 ~ 200 mesh/square inch microporous screen fixed on the drum type filter equipment, by intercepting the solid particles in the sewage, to achieve the solid-liquid separation of sewage water. The drum can be driven by a motor through gears. On the outside of the filter box, there is a pump. The clean water filtered through the stainless steel screen is pumped away, and when the water level in the rotary drum filter is getting lower and lower due to the dirt blocking on the screen, and when the water level is low enough, the water level controller senses and starts the high pressure cleaning pump and motor. The drum rotates under the action of the motor, and at the same time, a row of nozzles located above the drum spray the high-pressure water mist to the screen. The dirt attached to the inside of the screen is flushed to a collecting tank inside the drum, and then flows out through the sewage outlet. So as to achieve the separation of solid particles in water.

rotary drum filter

Main characteristics of the rotary drum filter:

1, Simple structure, smooth operation, convenient maintenance, long service life.

2, Large filtration capacity, high efficiency, wastewater suspended matter recycle rate is greater than 80%.

3, Small footprint, low cost, low speed operation, automatic protection, easy installation.

4, Automatic continuous work, do not need special care, the high concentration of filtered material can reach 18% or more.

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