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Rotary Drum Filter Working
Rotary Drum Filter Working

Rotary Drum Filter Working


The internally fed rotary drum filter is a new type of drum screen filter. It is suitable for separating the impurities (small suspended matter, fiber, distiller's grains, pulp, etc.) in the liquid to the maximum extent to achieve the separation of solid and liquid phases.

The difference between internally fed rotary drum filters and other methods is that the filter medium has a remarkably small gap. The screen rotation's centrifugal force has a high fluidity at low water resistance, and the suspended solids are trapped.

Rotary Drum Filter Working

The equipment is specially developed for the problems that existing microfiltration machine is easy to block, easy to break, extensive maintenance and maintenance workload, and secondary investment. A new type of microfiltration machine developed with excellent foreign technology and developed for Chinese national conditions is widely used in various occasions where solid-liquid separation is required.

Working Principle

The Rotary Drum Filter Working principle is to treat the water from the water pipe into overflow water distribution flow. The water outlet evenly overflows and is distributed in the filter screen rotating in the opposite direction. The water flow and the inner wall of the filter cartridge produce relative shearing motion. Water efficiency is high. The solid matter is intercepted and separated, tumbling along with the spiral guide plate in the cylinder, and then discharged from the other end of the filter cartridge. The filtrate flows away from the sink. The machine is equipped with a flushing water pipe outside the filter cylinder, and the flushing water pressure (3kg/cm2) is fan-shaped to flush the dredging filter to ensure that the filter screen always maintains adequate filtering capacity.

Features and Advantages

  • Well-distributed water increase capacity.
  • Simple structure, stable running, easy maintenance.
  • Chain transmission ensures efficiency.
  • Back-flushing prevents filter clogging.
  • Spill-proof plates on sides avoid splashing water.

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