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rotary drum screen

Rotary Drum Screen

The rotary drum screen uses a stainless steel drum that can be rotated for filtering. The outside of the drum is covered with a dense stainless steel screen. The drum can be driven by a motor through gears. On the outside of the rotary drum screen, there is a pressurized water pump composed of a plastic pump shell. The pressurized water pump is connected with a row of plastic nozzles. Inside the box, there are two water level controllers, which can transmit the signal to the control electric box according to the water level change, and the control center in the electric box will effectively control the relevant equipment. There is a water inlet with a larger diameter, a water outlet with a smaller diameter and a sewage pipe on the box. The water is drained by the way of rear pump. All automatic devices of the rotary drum screen are controlled by the control electric box outside the rotary drum screen box.

rotary drum screen

Working Principles:

The rotary drum screen shall be placed at a level with the water surface to be treated. The sewage flows into the drum of the rotary drum screen by itself. After the drainage pump is started, the water level outside the drum will drop and the water will flow from the inside to the outside of the drum. Dirt in water is intercepted by stainless steel screen. After running for a period of time, more and more dirt is intercepted by the stainless steel screen, and the resistance to the water flow is increasing, but the drainage flow has not decreased because of the stable operation of the pump, so the water level outside the drum continues to drop. When the water level drops to the position of the water level controller, the water level controller will transmit the electrical signal to the control center, which will start the drum motor and the booster pump. The drum starts to rotate slowly. At the same time, the high-pressure water pump pumps the high-pressure water out of the nozzle. The high-pressure water washes away the dirt adhering to the screen mesh. The dirt is collected in the sump inside the drum and then discharged from the drain pipe. 


1. The equipment can remove organic and inorganic debris in water as well as various phytoplankton, algae or fiber pulp. The algae removal rate is 40-70%, and the plankton removal rate is 97%.
2. Compared with other equipment, it has the characteristics of small floor area, convenient installation, convenient operation and management, and large production capacity.
3. Continuous operation, automatic cleaning, no need for special care, high fiber concentration recovery.
4. Simple structure, stable operation, convenient maintenance and long service life.


Raw water filtration (such as algae removal) of waterworks, industrial water filtration and circulating cooling water filtration of power plants, chemical plants, textile printing and dyeing plants, paper mills, etc., And wastewater purification and sewage treatment.

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