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Rotating Drum Screen
Rotating Drum Screen

Rotating Drum Screen Wastewater

Microporous filtration of Rotating Drum Screen is a mechanical filtration method. The Rotating Drum Screen is suitable for separating the tiny suspended substances present in the liquid, mainly phytoplankton, zooplankton and residues, to achieve the purpose of liquid purification or recovery of useful suspended substances.

Rotating Drum Screen

The fundamental difference between microfiltration and other filtration methods is that the filter media used - stainless steel wedge wire mesh slot size is particularly small, and very thin. This screen has a high flow rate relatively with low hydraulic resistance, so that the size of the suspended matter retained is always smaller than the slot on these screens.


  • The unique one-piece high-pressure water backwash device improves the backwash effect while reducing the water consumption during backwash.
  • The fixing technology between the filter frame and the screen and the screen frame ensures the service life of the Rotating Drum Screen and prevents the screen from breaking due to the mutual friction between the screen and the screen frame.
  • Rotating Drum Screen is non-corrosive and high strength, light weight.
  • Large filtration capacity, high efficiency, recovery rate of tiny suspended matter of waste water is more than 80%.
  • Small footprint, low cost, low speed operation, automatic protection, easy installation.
  • Full-automatic continuous work, no need for manned supervision, the concentration of filtered material can reach up to 12% or more.
  • It can replace the use of coarse filtration equipment such as mechanical grille.


It is suitable for solid-liquid separation of various industrial wastewater, and can remove fine particles with a diameter of 80 microns or more in water. Suitable for pre-treatment of wastewater treatment of paper making, tanning, slaughtering, brewing, printing and dyeing, textile, chemical, etc.

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